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Interesting Places In Alor Star, Kedah / Tempat-Tempat Menarik di Alor Star, Kedah...

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Come and discover the many facets of Alor Star, the royal and administrative centre of Kedah. From the historical to the ultra-modern, from the culture-rich customs to the breathtaking architecture and crafts, from delightful outdoor shopping to the refreshing outdoor activities amidst the best of nature. Enjoy Alor Star City Tour and come back soon ! 

Alor Star Tower 

Rising high at 165.5 meters, this ultra modern telecommunications tower offers a spectacular bird’s eye view of Alor Star, Butterworth and even Thailand. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a dining experience unlike any other at the tower’s revolving restaurant. 

Mahathir’s Birth Place 

Get an insight into the early life of Malaysia’s fourth and longest serving Prime Minister at his childhood house, which was restored by the National Archives in 1992. 

Pekan Rabu 

This bustling outdoor marketplace is open all week long, from early morning, late into the night. Enjoy the delightful array of charming items such as local delicacies and exquisite handicrafts. 

Wat Nikrodharam 

Buddhist Temple One of the largest Buddhist temples in the state, Wat Nikrodharam boasts intricate carvings. Its outdoor attractions include a statue of Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. 

Sultan Abdul Hamid College 

Fondly known as ‘College’, Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid is one of the oldest English schools in the country. It boasts an illustrious alumni including two Prime Minister, one former Minister of Finance and the current Sultan of Kedah. 

State Museum 

Visit the museum to view an impressive collection of Kedah’s historical, cultural and royal heritage. Including early Chinese porcelain, artifacts from Lembah Bujang and a fabulous pokok bunga emas or ‘gold tree’ which was produced as a tribute to the Thais. 

Paddy Museum 

The unique architecture of this museum represents bushels of harvested rice stalks while rice motifs are repeated throughout the building. Inside, you can see exhibitions of the paddy cultivation process and the tools of the trade. 

Science Centre 

Located in Gunung Keriang, next to the Paddy Museum, this Science Centre is a fascinating place to visit. It showcases the latest in science, technology and innovations. 

Gunung Keriang 

An elephant-shaped mountain located amidst acres of flat paddy field, Gunung Keriang is known for its limestone rocks and caves. Ideals for those who enjoy rock climbing, trekking and exploring caves. 

Big Clock Building 

This clock tower was initially erected for the purpose of summoning Muslims for ‘solat’. In the olden days, the clock would chime just before ‘solat’ time. This would be followed by the beating of gongs at the nearby Balai Nobat and the call for prayers at Masjid Zahir. 

250 Years Monument 

A memorable monument in the centre of the city, the monument was erected as a tribute to the city’s monumental growth. 

Tanjung Chali 

A stretch of shopping alongside a river in Alor Star, Tanjung Chali offers a pleasant outdoor shopping experience as you enjoy the river view. Originally called Tanjung Charlie, this is also a popular spot for watersports activities. 

Zahir Mosque

One of the grandest and oldest mosques in Malaysia, Zahir Mosque features five domes to represent the five tenets in Islam, with numerous arches and columns that are the epitome of grandeur. 

Al Bukhary Mosque 

The breathtaking architecture of Al Bukhary Mosque has to be appreciated with a visit to it. The graceful blue domes that adorned the mosque are reminiscent of Uzbekistan’s famed Madrassas. Do visit the mosque at night for a truly beautiful experience. 

State Art Gallery 

Officiated in July 1983, Balai Seni Negeri or State Art Gallery displays Kedah’s greatest arts collection including paintings, photographs, musical instruments and handicrafts. 
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Kedah Traditional Village 

Located near Alor Star city, this traditional village houses 16 traditional houses ; including an entertainment hall, dining hall and hotel. It offers a chance for city dwellers to experience authentic village living. 

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